Overview of the Programme


The Bachelor of Education in Leadership & Management of Inclusive Education is a three year programme of study designed to transform the teaching profession by building a new set of leadership skills required in the new inclusive environment. It is suitable for Principals, Deputy Principals, general Teachers who aspire to climb the ladder and any professional who leads or intends to lead any institution that needs these set of leadership skills. This programme will ensure the production of teachers who are highly competent in all areas of special needs in the mainstream schools. With the increased demand for inclusive education and the increased interest amongst teachers to engage in further training, the Bachelor of Education in Special & Inclusive will therefore be more contextually relevant and more economical than training outside the country.


Admission Requirements


The applicant must be a holder of a Diploma or a Bachelor in Education, general. This course is highly relevant to those who are or are interested or close to supervisory or management roles in school environment.


Career Prospects  


Head Teacher or School Administrator in Inclusive and general Schools, etc.