Teacher Education was started in 1936 at the Nazarene Mission.

It offered a one – year programme known as the Elementary Vernacular Teachers’ Course (EVTC). Completing students of that course were qualified to teach the first four grades in the Primary Schools. In 1940, the course was improved by extending the training from one year to two years.

In 1953, a two-year, post Standard VII course called “Primary Lower Course” (T4) was introduced. As schools began to produce more Junior Certificate graduates, the demand for higher qualified teachers increased. As a result, the College introduced an upgraded course in 1961, the Primary Higher Teachers’ course (T3). While this course was being launched, the lower course EVTC was phased out. For quite some time the College offered two courses; the Primary Higher (T3) and the Primary Lower (T4).

In 1974 the Primary Lower course was discontinued. This made increased enrollment possible in the Primary Teachers’ Course (PTC) which was offered up to 1986. Current developments have led the College to offer the Primary Teachers’ Diploma (PTD) which is the post “O” level course. The College is affiliated to the University of Swaziland.