Background of Manna Farms

The Faculty of Theology is part of the Sothern Africa University (SANU) in Siteki, Swaziland. The Theology campus is located in farm 181 of the church of Nazarene which is approximately 50 Hectares of land; it comprises of buildings and about 10 hectares of fertile land that can be used for crop production and the rest can be used for livestock. The Farm has also a reliable perennial dam that can be used for irrigation purposes and two other water sources that can be used for drinking purposes for livestock. The farm has been operational in the early 2000’s; however, any recent farming of this land was done by individuals associated with the Faculty of Theology and the nearby Magugu community.

The Leadership of SANU had a desire to see a commercial farm in Siteki that would primarily support the Faculty of Theology Students with scholarships and agricultural training for all SANU students and communities in Swaziland.  The Southern African Nazarene University (SANU); Great Commissions Company Enterprises (GCCE), Sothern Nazarene University (SNU) and the Bethany First Church agreed to partner in the formation of the commercial farm in Siteki known as “Manna Farms of SANU”.

In Swaziland agribusiness is experiencing exciting growth opportunities. Agriculture is contributing to the growth of the economy and presenting better opportunities greater than  other sectors., Agribusiness also offers the potential to develop linkages across several stages of the value chain: thus: out growers to commercial farmers; producers to retailers; and producers to processors.Therefore the project will focus on commercialisation of the Farm through establishing multiple agricultural enterprises that will produce high quality products to sell to the market and also act as an agricultural business centre to train students and farmers on entrepreneurial business skills.

Manna Farms Enterprises

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