Rain Fed Crops

Manna Farms of SANU soils are deep red and medium to heavy texture. The main crops grown in the region include maize, a number of grain food legumes sorghum, sweet potato, cassava and cotton.   Manna Farms actively produce, Cereal crops, legume crops and tuber crops such as maize, sugar beans, groundnuts, Bambara groundnuts, and sweet potatoes are grown during the summer season.

Irrigated Vegetables

Vegetable cultivation is the main activity and income generator of Manna Farm of SANU. We have opted to cultivate convectional vegetables. The total area under cultivation is approximately 5 ha (Farm 2 and Farm 3).This area is fenced and is irrigated using the drip irrigation and sprinkler system. The main crops cultivated are lettuce, cabbages, spinach and tomatoes.

Fruit production

Fruit crops will be planted where the soils are rocky and were an irrigation system can be installed. Fruits planted at the farm include papaya, and bananas. Future plantings include a citrus orchard.

Flower production

Flowers will be planted near the apiary and they also require investment in irrigation infrastructure. Roses are currently planted.

Nursery enterprise

The project will also have its own nursery that can be brought into productivity. The main aim is to produce our own seedlings for the irrigated vegetable project and all costs to the nursery should be covered by the savings made as against buying seedlings. The farm has a fully functional nursery that feeds seedlings into the irrigated vegetable project.