Business Entrepreneurship incubation course (18 months)

Business training for small business development in the developing world is not readily available and easily accessible in a long term and intensive format outside of the universities. The purpose of this training is to prepare individuals in the essential concepts necessary to sustainably run a small to medium sized business or enterprise.


Introduction to Beekeeping (4 days)

This course is suitable for beginners and those unfamiliar with beekeeping practices. This course will give you the confidence to build and manage your own Bee Park following the principles of beekeeping. Beekeeping is an excellent hobby that can provide extra money and valuable business experiences.


Aquaponics Training (3 days)

Hydroponics is agriculture with other growing medium besides soil. Aquaculture is fish farming without plants. Aquaponics is a symbiotic combination of the two. Aquaponics is based on the common belief of an organic production of plants and fish. Fish production using aquaponics regularly uses Tilapia, Bluegill, and Catfish. Other common fish that are used in an aquaponics environment, but not necessarily for fish production, are carp/goldfish, perch, trout, silvers, jades, and bass. All fish, including goldfish and tropical fish, are okay to use for plant and vegetable production, even in small tanks.