Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy


The Department of Pharmacy was established in …….and was the first to start a Pharmacy programme in Swaziland in collaboration with industry. The Pharmacy Assistant Programme was launched in ………. It bridged a huge gap in the country as there was no other institution offering Pharmacy and those interested on the field had to apply outside the country. The Programme was upgraded to a Diploma in Pharmacy in 2014 due to the demand from students & the partners to advance the practice.


Pharmacists dispense medication and other approved remedies, often following a patient visit to a physician. In addition to detailed understanding of dosing, regulation, allergens and chemical reactions, pharmacists need to know how to guide and manage assistants in those areas. Pharmacists should also be mindful of public health and safety, ensuring everyone under their supervision (including themselves) follows safety protocols when it comes to the storage and distribution of medication.


Our Pharmacy programme offers innovative teaching, clinical and experiential placements, spiritual insights and business skills that provide our students with a well-rounded base to offer holistic care to patients upon graduating, putting them in high demand with employers.


Industry Attachments


To fulfill the clinical and experiential requirement of the programme, the University formed partnership with the Pharmacy industry in Swaziland. This allows our students to be attached in various Pharmacy Centers across the country to bridge theory & practice, so that we produce sound Pharmacy Assistants & Technician to meet the demanding health needs of our region.

Programmes offered by the Department:


  1. Diploma in Pharmacy [Dip. Pharm.]


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