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The department offers a Bachelor of Theology degree to the public to enlighten, prepare, equip, and develop individuals for critical thinking as they face life experiences.  The commitment for academic excellence and maintenance of high standards of ministerial preparation led to the introduction of the Bachelor of Theology Degree in 1972. The programme was offered through affiliation with Canadian Nazarene College (CNC), now known as Ambrose University College (AUC). This external validation served as a good preparation for further developments. Since 2006, the Bachelor of Theology has been offered through affiliation with the University of Swaziland (UNISWA).

Bachelor of Theology enriches students spiritually and vocationally equipping them for leadership and ministry in the life and work of the Christian church. This course is theologically and biblically rich, vocationally oriented, ecumenically sensitive and integrated with practical experience. I want to believe that career opportunities are many such as pastoral care, chaplaincy in a variety of institutional settings, such as military, prisons, police, ambulance, hospital, trade and industry, or work in the social welfare arms of charities and the church. Graduates may also use the generalist skills and specialist vocational training provided by the Bachelor of Theology as a good grounding for a career in many fields.

The Bachelor of Theology program is designed primarily for those who intend to qualify for the ordained ministry in a Christian denomination, although here too, some students pursue the degree out of an interest in the academic study of theology for its own sake, or with a view to combining these studies with proficiency gained in other disciplines.

The program is structured into four subject areas of study:


  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Biblical Studies
  • Doctrinal Theology and Church History
  • Pastoral Theology

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