The Diploma in Theology department consist of two divisions namely English and SiSwati. The program is designed to assist learners who are called to full time ministry and those who want to know theology from any Christian denomination. This program provides basic knowledge about theology and the Bible while impacting learners on other disciplines in humanities. Introduction to sociology and psychology enables the learner to understand better the mind and community we are called to serve. This program enables the learner to comprehend different leadership styles and models. Skills in dealing with human problems and ways or skills of conflict management are gained in this program.

Character development and improvement through spiritual formation is acquired in the learning process. Research skills and bookkeeping or statistics enables the learner in this program to attempt any challenge while following academic standards and principles.

On another hand basic computer skills is one module in the program that enables the learners to be effective in a technological changing world.

Learners in this program in the English Division who graduate with B or better aggregate are encouraged to join the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology where they only take two years to complete. This enable learners who may not qualify to the Degree yet are capable to be given a chance to upgrade themselves since are world is changing fast.

This Program boost about having over hundreds of graduates who are from over twenty – five denominations and ministries who serving in different capacities in the church, government and private sector. Some are serving in other parts of the continent and beyond.

Programmes offered by the Department:

  • Diploma in Theology