Welcome to the Department of Nurse Anaesthesia

The Department of Nurse Anesthesia was established in the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2014.The Faculty, then (Former College of Nursing) offered a nurse anesthetist programme between the years 1975-1979.  The Faculty of Health Sciences built on this valuable experience and technical resource to mount this department.

Programme duration
The Bachelor of Science in Nurse Anaesthesia is a 2 year fulltime course offered in 4 Semester sessions of 15 weeks each with a 6 weeks winter intersession at the end of each academic year. This course of study has a strong focus in nurse anaesthesia theory with integrated clinical laboratory practice/simulations and a high intensity of hands-on clinical practice in selected placement areas. The last semester in the eight year of study focuses on operational research, professional development and the nurse anaesthetist role.

Clinical placement
The students gain clinical competence through practice in a variety of clinical settings and specialised acute care settings, specifically the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial [RFM]Hospital and the Mbabane Government Hospital for the anaesthetic clinical role. These hospitals offer a variety of clients that may not be seen in any other health facility in Swaziland. The exposure provides the student with adequate advanced clinical experience required to qualify as a nurse anaesthetist.

Registration requirement for entry into practice
Graduates of the BSNA Programme will be required to register with both the Swaziland Nursing Council and the Swaziland Medical and Dental Council; and may be required to take a certification examination to be eligible for registration with the Swaziland Nursing Council.

Programmes offered by the Department:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nurse Anaesthesia

This is a two-year completion programme which builds on the three/four year general nursing/midwifery foundation