King Impressed with Golden Waste Project at SANU Stall

His Majesty King Mswati III was impressed with the Golden Waste project when he visited SANU Stall at the Eswatini International Trade Fair for 2019. This was when the King was touring stands during the official opening ceremony of the Trade Fair which was held in Manzini, Eswatini on the 31st August 2019.

The King’s attention was drawn to a 5 litre container which had a darkish solution. This was after the Vice Chancellor Prof. Winnie Nhlengethwa welcomed the King and invited an Enactus Team representative give a brief explanation about the product. It was explained that SANU students are encouraged to apply their academic knowledge in serving the community. Just as SANU Enactus Team of the Faculty of Education invented the Reflector Belt last year, for use on cattle so that they are identifiable at night, the SANU Enactus team of the Faculty of Health Sciences has undertaken the Golden Waste Project.

It was further explained to the King that the golden waste project entails making good use of food waste to produce compost and a liquid which can be used as fertilizer for vegetables. The King was also informed that the same liquid (the darkish solution) is further processed to produce a liquid pesticide and a detergent. With this project, the team explained, the SANU team has won the national competition and a ticket to the world competitions just like the reflector belt project. The world competition will be at the Silicon Valley, in the USA.

The King then wished the team a very successful competition and encouraged them to represent the Kingdom of Eswatini well. In vernacular, the King said, “Hambani ke nihlabane”.

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