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‘New Normal’ Library Services

Faculty Of Health Sciences ‘New Normal’ Library Services


  • The library building remains closed to library users due to the COVID19 pandemic based on the information given for now which might change anytime;
  • Though other buildings are utilized, the specific nature of library services makes it unsuited to re-open until the situation improves, however, the library continues to provide services to students, faculty and staff within the normal working hours;
  • Protocols to safeguard and ensure quality service provision in the library are in place;
  • The library will continue to operate within normal working hours however, appointments will be Monday to Friday 1000hrs to 1500hrs giving an allowance to process emailed requests.


  • Wherever possible, the library will provide Curbside services as a stopgap measure until things normalise;
  • The Curbside services will enable patrons to drop off due and pick up materials;
  • It has been noted that the virus is spread through droplets and can stay longer on surfaces. For that reason and more, the library has demarcated a lockable carbine outside the library building by the door where our patrons can drop off due materials;
  • Arranged pickup of print materials outside the library will be communicated between parties involved.
  • Based on the World Health Organisation’s assertion, (IFLA, 2020) recommended a minimum of 72 hours quarantine period, depending on the type of material, before books shelved and eventually put back into circulation.


  • Circulation of collections is a core function of the Library, but traditional checkout puts at risk both staff and patrons during a time of virus transition.
  • Within the confines of the copyright and patent issues, the library personnel will assist faculty in finding alternatives where a physical version is the only one available in the library.
  • The goal is to create a balance with restoring this core service and protecting all the parts that utilises the services thereof.


  • Patrons can return items by dropping them in the demarcated lockable cabins outside the library for quarantine purposes.
  • All returned materials would be quarantined for not less than 72 hours depending on the type /material as asserted in item 3.
  • This will result in items taking longer than usual to show as returned on borrowers’ accounts.


  • Our library has gone beyond lending print material to providing access to e-resources;
  • Other than Emerald publishers, which the institution subscribes to for e-resources, OPALS has links to Global Nazarene Education Consortium (GNEC) and other related consortia both locally and internationally;
  • Links to other relevant open access sites are available through OPALS.


  • Faculty & teaching staff are encouraged to create either course or module pathfinders while surfing our library website;
  • Course reserves on print material is executed with great caution as some cannot be converted due to copyright issues;
  • Open Education Resources are available in a variety of formats. These have an open copyright license and permits everyone to use, adapt and share with students;
  • Within the confines of the copyright issues, the library personnel will assist faculty in finding alternatives where a physical version is the only one available in the library;
  • Faculty and staff with questions about pivoting in regards to physical reserve materials, kindly contact the Librarian.


  • Due dates for loans prior to the beginning of the lockdown were extended;
  • Amnesty is effected to the time each level comes to the campus, after which penalties will be reinstated;
  • Library patrons remain responsible for all library materials checked out to their account and for any fines incurred whether or not they receive a notice.


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