MANZINI – There is a mad rush of spaces at the Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) as over 3 500 students hopefuls are competing for the about 630 available spaces in the institutions.

The students hopefuls attended the institution’s open day on Saturday where the university’s administration marketed the courses it has and further gave them application letters.

SANU Marketing Manager Petros Mavuso said there were over 3 500 application letters which were distributed during the open day on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Winnie Nhlengetfwa, SANU’s Vice Chancellor (VC), said they have about 630 available spaces for 2016/17 academic year all the faculties; Faculty of Health Science (200), Faculty of Education (250) and Faculty of Theology (30) and 150 spaces for Post Graduate programmes.

The vice chancellor told the students hopefuls they should look no further than SANU because that was where character was modeled and shaped, services made to become an expression of faith and where individuals of high character and integrity were prepared to meet the challenges of the world.

“SANU welcomes people of different backgrounds, in particular church affiliations. Our responsibility as a university is to transform character and produce professionals of high integrity with positive influence,” Nhlengetfwa said.

She told the students hopefuls that as they make their choices about which university they want to enroll with, they should think about the attributes that would make them the best of the best teacher, health care professional and pastor among other professions.

She said SANUS’ core values are academic excellence, Christ like living and modelling high moral values together with transformational servant-hood leadership.

“We equip effectively and prepare leaders to care deeply, relate ethically, think biblically and witness faithfully. We also equip them to study passionately, serve competently, live gratefully and lead strategically,” she said.

The vice chancel said SANU was a product of a merger of three renowned colleges of education, health and theology, which were now faculties. She said inherent in this legacy was a rich history of 259 combined tears of experience in higher education with graduates currently employed in strategic positions if influence in Swaziland and beyond.

She said the university enjoys the blessing of being part of a dynamic network of 52 colleges, universities and seminaries in 35 countries, on six continents. She said through this global network, nearly 50 000 students choose to be educated annually in preparation to serve as pastors, teachers scientists and medical professionals among other careers in the wide array of professions.



MANZINI – Associate Professor Winnie Nhlengetfwa has warned that over 3 500 SANU student hopefuls that bribes, coercion and sexual favors were strictly prohibited at institution.

She said such could not be exchanged for either space or better marks at the university.

Nhlengetfwa said this during the institution’s open day which was held at the university’s auditorium on Saturday.

The institution hosted the open day in a bid to maximize information dissemination on available programmes, application process and entry requirements and all the three faculties; Education, Health Science and Theology.

The vice chancellor said as an institution they deal with honest members of staff and students.

“We do not accept and does not have students who will coerce lecturers in order to get better marks. Again, we do not have lecturers who would sexually harass students by promising them enhanced grades.

“On the same note, bribes like money and cattle are not accepted for any exchanged at the institution. Those who want to be admitted in this university should forget about bribes and pray,” she said.

She said SANU was the university to be because they work hard to produce quality. She said as a result of their hard work, most organisations do not want to lose out on their graduates and they end up occupying strategic positions in their work place.

“As a university, we provide a conducive environment that stimulates minds to engage in innovative teaching, learning, leadership, research and community service. As a Christian university, we are called to be of service to others and take the lead in expressing our compassion to all human kind,” Nhlengetfwa said.

She said the key elements that they inculcate in all learners and staff were honesty, transparency and fairness. Other elements which the vice chancellor pointed out were uprightness, wisdom, blamelessness and completeness.