SANU Conducts HIV-AIDS Awareness Serminar with NERCHA Executive

Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) Centre for Continuing Education has just hosted a one day HIV/AIDS Awareness Workshop for the leadership of the University. The National Executive Director of the National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA), Mr. Khanya Mabuza, facilitated the Workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the leadership of the University on issues of HIV/AIDS for their understanding of the country’s direction, targets and milestones thus far towards 2022. This will then assist the University Management in developing relevant implementation strategies and in programming. The Vice Chancellor and Senior Management of the University attended the workshop.

Mabuza’s academic journey began at SANU

When introducing the Executive Director, the Vice Chancellor indicated that Mr. Mabuza is an SANU Alumnus who is committed to supporting this University in any way possible. She stated that it was for that reason that despite his busy schedule he responded positively to the request of the University to lead such an important seminar. Mr. Mabuza stated that he values the grounding he received from the then Nazarene College of Nursing, upgraded into a Faculty of Health Sciences. He indicated that the education he received from the Nazarenes, contributed immensely in shaping the professional he is today in the Health Sector.

Higher Education’s response to curb HIV new infections

Mr. Khanya Mabuza observes that there are a lot of opportunities for Higher Educational institutions (HEIs). A few aspects that he mentioned as challenges facing the country, including the high prevalence infection rate among young and adolescent girls. He attributed this to transactional and transgender sex as well as power dynamics. Looking at some of the underlying issues, Mr. Mabuza explained that research reveals that older men with high disposable income infect younger girls. He said that girls are the most vulnerable as they are usually forced by circumstances into offering sexual favors to men in exchange for money. He indicated that this area may redressed by HEIs. He added that another angle HEIs can take is that of Research. He further noted that there were other aspects for consideration, which academicians can tackle through operational research.


The Acting Deans of the Faculty of Education Mrs. Dumile Gamedze, on behalf of all the participants expressed gratitude to Mr. Mabuza for sharing such vast experience and knowledge on issues of HIV/AIDS in the Kingdom of Eswatini. She indicated that the participants acquired a lot of new information, which was going to help lecturers in teaching and supporting students.

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