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Scholarship Information

Scholarship information

 It is the student responsibility to look for educational funding. Most of the students who enroll in the university are funded by the Eswatini government for their education and a few are funded by companies,organisations and parents. The government sponsors all our full time programs. About 99% students admitted in different programs in the university are awarded and receive funding or government scholarship. Programs that are not funded by the government are the Theology programs, BED and Bachelor of Science in Nurse Anesthesia.

International students information

The university admits international students in the program of Bachelor of Science and in nursing anesthesia. The university with the help of the government of Eswatini and Botswana government have  made a contract that students who want to further their studies must be accepted therefore we have students from Botswana as well as Lesotho furthering their studies in Bachelor of science in Anaesthesia.

International students undergo the application process just like everyone. After they have been admitted in the institution it’s the student responsibility to look for their funding or scholarship for their education. The university assists them in search for good and secured accommodation.

The university allows the use of English as a medium of communication to avoid communication barriers and promotes Christian values.

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