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The office of Student Affairs in the University is responsible for the overall welfare of all registered students. The Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) heads the office of Student Affairs through coordinating student affairs and activities within the University.


The Student Affairs unit provides the general service to all students in the following areas:

  • General student information
  • Student discipline
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Student health
  • Student counselling


The University views the SRC as part of the University’s Administrative structure and therefore recognized by Management and the University Board of Governors. The SRC has its own Constitution, which was approved by the University Council. The Electoral Commission conducts elections for the SRC and Faculty Student Committees (FSCs) every academic year.


Students are encouraged to participate in sporting activities to improve their physical health. Although the University has no recreational structure currently, students use the available playground for soccer and rent the nearest sporting facilities for other disciplines. The SRC, through the Minister of Sports within their committee, organizes games for students in liaison with and the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

A Sports Day is held once in an academic year, where students from all the three Faculties come together for engage in sports. This day is included in the University Almanac.


As a Christian Institution. the University encourages students to attend Church services in each of the three faculties. These are Church services organized by students in their respective faculties through the Student Christian Movements in collaboration Minister of Spiritual Affairs and the Faculty Administration. Once a year the University organizes a prayer day where students and staff engage in prayer at the Sharpe Memorial Church of the Nazarene, which is within the Manzini campus.


Students of the University organize and attend outreach programs once per Academic year through the Christian Movements. The main aim of the program is to give back to the communities. In this activity, the students donate to the needy people in identified communities.  


The SRC comprises the following portfolios:



Vice President and Minister of Spiritual Affairs

Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General

Minister of Finance

Minister of Academics

Minister of Sports

Minister of Student Welfare

Minister of Information Technology



Students receive counselling from our Partners who frequently visit the University for this service. They also train Peer Educators and Counsellors for our University. The Peer Educators and Counsellors are a group of students who volunteer to reach out to fellow students for health enhancement behaviors amongst the students.  The Peer Educators and Counsellors must be approachable and be able to speak to others as well as display a willingness to work in collaborative environment.

The role of Peer Educators and Counsellors is as follows:

  • Help provide para-counselling to peers who have challenges and make referrals where complications emerge
  • Recruit other peers to be part of the Peer Education and Counselling program
  • Identify students who experience social and psychological challenges and therefore need counselling services


Students’ health is a priority at SANU. Students who are not well are referred to the nearest hospital (R.F.M Hospital) for examination and treatment. We also have partners who visit the University, provide health care to those in need, and refer critical cases.


The University encourages students to establish and/or join clubs and organizations that are formed by students to improve their lives and these clubs are coordinated by the office of the Dean of Student Affairs. There are laid down procedures that guide the establishment of Clubs and Organizations in the University and are available at the DSA’s office. One of the active organizations is the Enactus. This organization empowers students with income generating projects. Any registered student is allowed to join this organization. The organization has its own Executive Committees as well as an Advisor who is chosen from Academic or Support staff members by the students. Enactus is present in all the three Faculties of the University.


The University encourage students to conduct themselves in a manner that will not put the name of the University into disrepute at all times. There are regulations that guide student behavior and are accessible to all registered students. All students are always reminded to read and follow the said regulations as any deviation may lead to disciplinary action.

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