“Recognized and Quality Assured Programmes”

SANU is fully recognized by the Ministry of Education & Training [MOET], professional bodiesincluding the Swaziland Nurses Council and the Teachers’ Service Commission and the International Course of Study Advisory Committee of the Church of the Nazarenein Swaziland. The University is also a member in good standing with the Africa Association of Universities [AAU]. The University is also a recognized institution of the International Board of Education in the Church of the Nazarene.

“A Christian & Supportive Environment”

The most distinguishing factor about SANU is that the Christian Principles are not only taught, but are practiced within the University as a way of modeling a Christ-like lifestyle to students. SANU believes future leaders like YOU, should be leaders who put forth the values of Christ for society, from communities to government and the corporate sector.

“Career Coaching, Industry Placements & Internships”

At SANU, we coach students regarding career options from the admission process itself. We also support students to secure internships and employment opportunities.

“Reasonable Fees & Flexible Payment Plans for Self Sponsored”

SANU’s mandate is to ensure education is accessible to all. Thus, our rates are reasonable and all self-sponsored students are allowed to agree on a payment plan they will commit to, with the Bursar of the University.

“A Local University with a Global Perspective & Partners”

The University has very rich Faculty, including staff from around the world, to ensure students get the best global practices in all academic programmes. SANU has also entered into partnerships or with international universities, who assist in the development and delivery of its academic programmes. In addition, SANU receive international specialists providing expert teaching in selected programmes and oversight in research. All these are efforts to make our graduates Internationally Recognized.